Time to Think

Individual coaching

How often do you get the chance to Think? Really Think. For yourself, as yourself, and without interruption.

My approach to coaching offers you just that. The central promise, core to my work with coaching clients, is that I will not interrupt you. Not your spoken thoughts, or your silence.

A promise that frees your mind to think.

Time to Think

My coaching approach

During a coaching session, I will create and maintain for you the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment. This system of behaviours combine to create the conditions within which the human mind thinks independently, and at its very best.

​My style is highly non-directive (I firmly believe that you are the best person to think about the issues that you bring) and incredibly powerful. I will support you in thinking for yourself about what faces you, and encourage you to challenge assumptions which in turn can lead to transformational breakthroughs.

  • Think courageously
  • Think independently
  • Think at your very best

Who is this for?

Experienced business leaders

Do you find yourself rushing from one thing to another without taking a breath? Do you sometimes worry that the quality of your decisions suffers because of this constant firefighting?

I work with business leaders to see that simply slowing down and thinking things through allows ideas and solutions to surface that otherwise remain hidden.

I’ve been in your shoes and can offer perspectives to help you see things in new ways to support yourself and those you lead.

New to leadership

Have you moved from a role where you were technically confident. Often a great technician is promoted to a managerial and leadership role with little or no structured support.

I work with people in the early stages of their leadership journey who welcome the space to think through these new challenges and an experienced external perspective to their issues.

Growing self awareness

Are you aware that your own patterns of thinking and behaviour can get in your way? Would you like to explore how you could make shifts that support you, build relationships and help you gain clarity?

I work with people of all ages who want to deepen their self-awareness and become the very best version of themselves.

Is coaching for you?

You will be amazed by the difference that a Thinking Environment makes to the quality of your thinking. If you take the plunge and are courageous in this environment, you will discover ideas and connections, remove blocks and find ways of making progress that you had never before considered.

​You will astound yourself!

If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch, or book in for a free initial conversation.

Success Stories

I really enjoy working with Becca; we first met during her Time to Think course, and I have since engaged in 1-1 monthly coaching sessions. Becca’s unique approach has empowered me to think independently and her ability to just listen (which is harder than you think) has allowed me to process my thoughts and create solutions for myself.

My role as Head of Operations can feel a little isolating at times and having Becca as a sound board to my thoughts has really helped me lead more effectively. 

Jemma Pike, Head of Operations, Clear Cut Financial Planning

I was introduced to Becca through a professional connection who thought I would benefit from spending some time with her. I knew very little about what Becca did and I didn’t even feel it was worthwhile talking to her as I had nothing to think about or say. Anyway, I listened to the advice and arranged my first session.

Despite me having raging imposter syndrome and a cynical outlook on life in general I went into my first session with an open, slightly nervous, but open mind and within a few sessions Becca helped to transform my life in a way that I never thought possible.

Eleanor King, Director, Ian King Financial Planning

My Time To Think with Becca proved invaluable to me at an unexpectedly challenging time – spanning both my professional and personal life.

Our sessions gave me a much needed space to organise my thoughts and ideas, and this in turn allowed me to be more effective in my professional role, (in particular to support others in similar situations) then very quickly work-life balance was restored.

Fundamentally, I was able to focus solely on whatever I needed to in a safe and supportive environment. I can’t wait to book in some more time soon!

Carly Robertson, Teacher