Team Training

Transforming Meetings®

How much time is spent in meetings across your organisation? For an average CEO, it could be as much as 70%!

With increasingly challenging and complex working environments, we all need to make the most of the time we spend together. We want to get the best thinking and ideas from every individual present, and ultimately, achieve the very best outcomes. Spending just a day or two together on this course can help you to achieve just that.

Team Training

What is Transforming Meetings?

This powerful workshop will introduce you to the Thinking Environment and its key applications in team interactions. You will leave with skills that will empower you and your team to:

  • Speak openly and listen to each other more effectively
  • Bring their best ideas to the table and hear each others’ viewpoints
  • Identify and solve their own issues

Who is this for?

Empowering teams and their leaders

Most business owners, leaders and managers want teams who collaborate well, contribute their ideas and are highly engaged. However, all too often those in charge feel like they need to have all the answers, adding to already very full plates. In meetings just a few people dominate the airwaves and individuals are left with little space or confidence to contribute their ideas. This is almost never because of bad intentions, but usually a product of busyness, urgency, and never having learned another way.

If this sounds like you, then don’t despair!

Transforming Meetings will give your team the skills, shared learning and experience together to change all of this and more.

What you can expect

Transforming Meetings is much more than just a standard training course. We work with you to ensure you and your team get what you need from the time you invest.

Step #1
Step #1

The understanding

We will meet with one of the leaders in the business to hear about your business and what you are hoping to get from the training.

Step #2
Step #2

The discovery

We will speak to each of the team individually to put them at ease, and understand more about your team dynamics from different perspectives

Step #3
Step #3

The main event

We will conduct a workshop with your team over 1 - 1.5 days online or in person depending what works best for you. You will all leave this workshop with practical tools to improve your meetings and interactions immediately. You will also leave with new insights that will impact how you listen to each other, and those outside work too!

Step #4
Step #4

The follow up

We will follow up with you to see if you could benefit from any follow up work, be that our implementation support package or something more bespoke.

Unlock your team’s potential

Do you want to spend less time in meetings, that are more productive? Are you looking for better levels of engagement in your team? Do you want to generate fresh, courageous thinking in all areas of your organisation?

Investing time to improve the dynamics and interactions across your team can feel like a luxury when time is short. But if we want an imaginative and engaged team who bring solutions rather than problems to the table, the investment is well worthwhile.

Success Stories

This will revolutionise our meetings and the relationship between those in a meeting. As a business owner I’ve realised I haven’t been listening to my team (properly). It removes unhealthy conflict and creates equitable space for constructive thinking. We have noticed as a result that the quality of our meetings and outputs have improved. As everyone contributes to meetings no one leaves the meeting feeling like they haven’t been heard.
By the end of the training it felt quite normal to have a meeting in this way getting everyone’s thinking and input

This hasn’t just changed our meetings, it has changed how we think and how we problem solve. We have learnt important lessons to use both in the business and our personal lives.”

Jane Gow – Founder and Chartered Financial Planner – ClearCut Financial Planning

Booking Becca for the whole team for 1.5 days of training was a bit of a leap into the unknown but the feedback has been amazing and within 24 hours we had already made breakthroughs on a couple of issues, one big one small. The feeling of staff engagement in the room was palpable.

I enjoyed the mixture of theory and practice, and felt the pace was just right.

Alasdair Walker – Managing Director Handford, Aitkenhead and Walker

I particularly enjoyed seeing how both in person and online thinking environments can work, and also experiencing this in a very practical setting. As a team, we worked through an issue in the business which we have been ‘stuck’ on for ages, which was unexpected!
To anyone considering booking this I would simply say “Book it now!” it will change the way you think professional and personally. I would say bring as many of your team onto the course as you can too, so you’re all on the same page when you’re talking to each other.

Thank you so much for your calming energy, you really came to us at the right time and we are so grateful for the thinking environment.

Jemma Pike – Operations Director ClearCut Financial Planning

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their communication skills and create a more productive and respectful work environment. Becca was very knowledgeable and engaging, and provided us with many practical examples and exercises. We learned how to facilitate meetings that are inclusive and collaborative, giving everyone the opportunity to contribute.

I noticed a positive change in everyone’s thinking and confidence. As a team, we agreed to use the Thinking Environment approach in our future meetings. I think this course provides a valuable framework for anyone who wants to enhance their communication and leadership skills.

Nicola Watts – Director, Jane Smith Financial Planning

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