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One of the most valuable things we can offer each other is the framework in which to think for ourselves.


Nancy Kline


The Time to Think Foundation Course

This course offers a wonderful introduction to the Thinking Environment.  You will learn about and experience the conditions required for truly independent thinking (the ten components of a Thinking Environment) and learn nine key applications of these principles to take into your work. 

You will also see a demonstration of a Thinking Partnership Session, to see for yourself how transformational it can be.


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Upcoming Course Dates

21st and 22nd September 2023 (now fully booked)

1st and 2nd February 2024

16th and 17th May 2024

4th and 5th July 2024

19th and 20th September 2024

This can also be arranged on demand for groups or teams of up to six people.  If you are interested, please do get in touch


The Thinking Partnership Course

This is the introductory course to one-to-one work in a Thinking Environment.  It offers the opportunity to learn and experience the Thinking Partnership Session, a uniquely powerful process for liberating the human mind.

This course will teach you to observe different ways that we think, support others to think really well, and in turn give you understanding that will deepen connection with those around you.  


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Upcoming Course Dates

9th and 10th November, date of day 3 to be confirmed

15th and 16th February then 15th March 2024

6th and 7th June then 12th July 2024

This can also be arranged on demand for groups or teams of up to four people.  If you are interested, please do get in touch

Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes


The Transforming Meetings Course

With increasingly challenging and complex working environments, we all need to make the most of the time we spend together.  To get the best thinking and ideas from every individual present, and ultimately, achieve the very best outcomes.  Learning the principles of a Thinking Environment and how to apply those within meetings can help you to achieve just that.  


This powerful workshop will introduce you to the Thinking Environment and its key applications in team interactions.  You will leave with skills that can be applied in 1:1s, appraisals, small teams, and larger group meetings across both informal and formal settings. 


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This course is arranged on demand for teams or groups of up to six people and runs for 1.5 days. 

If you are interested, please get in touch

The Mentorship Programme

Development and mentorship is hard.  It's often assumed that because we have experience, that alone equips us to mentor others.  But our need to impart our own knowledge, give advice, and our well intentioned desire to not let others make the "same mistakes as we did" can often be stifling.

This programme offers an entirely different perspective on the relationship between mentor and mentee.  You will attend the course together, and learn together how to listen more deeply, and so understand each other far more effectively.  

You will learn how to uncover the real issues, and think about them together.  Respectfully, thoughtfully, and effectively.  

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Upcoming Course Dates

TBA or by arrangement

This can also be arranged on demand for groups or teams of up to six people.  If you are interested, please do get in touch

Image by Evie S.


This course provides a total reset of everything you think you know about communication and provides actionable processes and techniques that add immediate value.

In 30 years of professional development, this is the best course I have attended. 

Adam Owen, Director and Head of Content, NextGen Planners

The Transforming Meetings programme will revolutionise our meetings and the relationship between those in a meeting. As a business owner I've realised I haven't been listening to my team (properly). It removes unhealthy conflict and creates equitable space for constructive thinking. We have noticed as a result that the quality of our meetings and outputs have improved. As everyone contributes to meetings no one leaves the meeting feeling like they haven't been heard.

This hasn't just changed our meetings, it has changed how we think and how we problem solve. We have learnt important lessons to use both in the business and our personal lives.

Jane Gow,, Founder and Chartered Financial Planner, Clear Cut Financial Planning 

Becca provided a great balance of background theory and practical application. The course was well structured and there was plenty of time to ask questions and explore the Thinking Environment. Becca created a safe learning environment with her calm, gentle approach and made the whole course an absolute pleasure.


To someone considering taking the Thinking Partnership course, I would say “Definitely do it!” It's a great experience and the skills you learn are beautifully simple yet powerful.

Amanda Mayes, Operations Director Magus Wealth

The Mentorship programme with Becca was both highly enjoyable and educational for both my dad (my mentor) and myself. We went into the two days not really knowing what to expect, and dad in particular wondering if it would be the best use of our time. However, Becca opened our minds to a whole new way of thinking that we are already implementing within the business. 


The Thinking Environment gives us the time and space to truly think about the topics or problems we are facing, and gives everyone the time to be heard,  which already is leading to a more productive and harmonious working environment.

Tommie Hoban, Financial Planner, Hoban FP

I’ve not only really enjoyed Becca’s Thinking Partnership workshops but have also really benefitted and learned from them with new won knowledge that I now apply in my own coaching practice. I find it is an exceptionally powerful method for gaining clarity about complex issues. Highly recommendable!

Angela Scott, Leadership and Team Coach

Through the Thinking Partnership course, I had the realisation that maintaining a listening presence is in itself the greatest intervention we can make.  I've been a 'listener' for many years, but this approach has breathed new life into my work.

Alan Hodgetts, Enneagram Teacher, Coach and Spiritual Director

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