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Why work with me?

People often come to me feeling overwhelmed.  Perhaps they are growing a team around them, but are yet to achieve the space they hoped for, in recruiting to delegate and grow their business.  Often they experience more problems being brought to them, than ideas and solutions.  

Maybe the team rowing together towards a common vision is still pretty aspirational. Or the team simply isn't achieving the potential they know they could.

Often they know they are part of the problem, but don't quite know how, or what they need to change.  

I offer individual coaching, training for groups and teams, and facilitation.  All centred around great listening and building connection, and with the aim of achieving the very highest quality of thinking from everyone involved.

All of my work is based on the principles of the Thinking Environment  work of Nancy Kline and Time to Think.

This approach is transformational, and what you learn will relate to all of your life.  You will be able to take and apply what you learn to your work, life and relationships.  

For more about each of the services I offer, please follow the links below.  Or if you would prefer a chat, please click the button.

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