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Where does the Thinking Environment meet Financial Planning?

What are you assuming that is stopping you from retiring?

As human beings, we learn by assuming things. Once we have done something once, we assume it will work again next time. It’s how we embed learning - and if we didn’t we would have to learn every small thing over and over again. We would never get anywhere!

But sometimes, what our minds “learn” through experience is not true at all. And yet we live as though it is, which can be seriously limiting.

The untrue assumption impacts our feelings, our thoughts and our behaviour.

“My work is who I am - if I lose that, I lose myself”

“I don’t have enough money to retire”

“If I’m not working every day, I will start to lose my mind”

“I have to work until I’m 65- that’s what everyone does!”

With a careful examination of assumptions and the skilful construction of incisive questions, the Time to Think approach shows us that we can make incredible breakthroughs in our thinking and help others to do so too.

I have experienced it time and again for myself and with my clients.

And with two decades of experience working in Financial Planning firms, I think this work has enormous benefits for work with Financial Planning clients.

Most of our behaviour around money is driven by assumptions, and helping clients to unpick this can lead to life changing breakthroughs.

That’s why I’ve built a course specifically designed to help Financial Planners deepen their listening skills and help their clients make breakthroughs for themselves.

I’ve already run a pilot, and one of the attendees is seeing the benefits:

“I’ve had cases recently where clients have been spending years saying, “I think I've got enough to retire, but I quite like the work that I'm doing. And whilst I'm able to do it, and my contribution is valued, why don't I just continue doing it for a bit longer?"
This course has really helped me to develop the skills to help clients take that step back and really find out what's important. To find out the root cause of some of the responses that you get from clients on subjects like retirement.
And the outcomes have been hugely beneficial. It has resulted in people getting something out of their life that they wouldn't have got otherwise. And that adds huge value.”

Sound interesting?

Click here for a bit more information and to register your interest so I can keep you posted.

Or to have a chat and find out a bit more about what I do, please just get in touch.

Photo by Nathan McBride on Unsplash

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