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Are you a truly thoughtful leader?

In this blog I share a conversation with a CEO and Financial Planner about clearer thinking, and the role it plays in decision making and Leadership.

Financial Planning firm Emery Little have been working on becoming a Thinking Environment business for a number of years now. It is the business I know best, as I continue to work there for part of my working week.

In October 2021 I asked two of my Emery Little colleagues (Jo Little, CEO and Marcus Farnfield, Financial Planner) to record a conversation with me. I was interested to hear the impact that the Thinking Environment has had from their perspectives. The whole conversation can be found here.

Jo is a relatively inexperienced CEO, having taken stewardship of Emery Little, her family business, in the last few years. In the video below, an extract from the longer conversation, she discusses how the TE has supported her in this transition from Financial Planner to Business Leader.

Jo reflects how the Thinking Environment ensures that all the time she spends in meetings is meaningful and ensures constant progress. And how hearing from everyone gives her a far greater breadth of knowledge to inform decisions.

But you don’t need me to describe it all - here's the video so you can see for yourself!

If you would like to find out more about how the Thinking Environment could make your meetings more meaningful, and support your Leadership and decision making, I would love to hear from you. Please do get in touch.

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